Estate Agents Tips: 1 Hour Real Estate Exam Crash Course with Irene

Estate Agents Tip: 1 Hour Real Estate Exam Crash Course with Irene

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Irene’s 1 hour real estate crash course the night before the exam. We did our best to review as much as possible since her exam was the next morning.

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30 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: 1 Hour Real Estate Exam Crash Course with Irene

  1. Let me tell you how nothing you teach is on yh real estate test. I followed your method of studying and know my vocabulary and I still didn't pass the test and I took it twice. Thank you for being helpful.

  2. I write this as an encouragement to all who have not passed on the 1st try. I thank the Lord 1st and foremost for everything opportunity and every opened door He has given me. I passed my test yesterday after 6 tries. I have learned that a failure is not the one who fails and doesn't succeed, but the one one who quits after failing. I would've took it a 7th time if I didn't pass,even as far retaking the course. Its all in ones determination to succeed. Some of us passed on the 1st try, praise God. But some of us have to work just a little bit harder to succeed. Don't give up no matter what the cost, you will succeed if you never give up. The word says I can do all things thru Christ which strengthen me. Study your vocab take some of the free test, but leave room for Jesus to work a miracle. Thank you for all your videos, they were truly a blessing. Restudy the areas where the graph says you're weak, and the outline sheet of what's on the course. Believe you can do it, and do it till you pass! You are not a failure!

  3. Rey, so are you affiliated with anything at Stringham? I like your study information. You are positive and informative. Thank you! One more question! If I’m sign in with another school, can I still use your information and will it apply to my state?

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