Business Tips: What is HTML and How Does it Help My SEO?

Business Tip: What is HTML and How Does it Help My SEO?

One of the most common questions when developing a website is “What is HTML & How Does it Help my SEO?” If this sounds familiar, then look no further. We want to help you understand the role that HTML plays in your SEO as well as the importance of working with experienced web developers.

In this 8th episode of the “What’s in Your Online Marketing Toolkit?” video series, Sara Thompson – Digital Marketing Specialist at Informatics – will break down the importance of HTML, and some of the tags you should be familiar with.

Video produced at Informatics Studios in Cedar Rapids, IA.
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Today’s Episode Timeline
0:35 – Previously on…
0:54 – How does HTML influence SEO?
1:51 – What is HTML?
2:06 – What are Tags?
2:40 – Why Should You Know About HTML?
3:10 – Meta Keywords
3:53 – Meta Descriptions
4:14 – Rel=Canonical Tags
4:53 – Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3…)
5:30 – Alt Text
6:02 – Anchor Tag
6:50 – 3 Things to Remember

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