Business Tips: Web Design: How Much to Charge for Website Design

Business Tip: Web Design: How Much to Charge for Website Design

How much does web design cost and how much should you charge as a web designer for a website? Should you charge hourly, a flat fee, or a project fee? If you want to become a web designer or hire one, you’ll want to watch this video.



Personally I don’t believe hourly rates are practical, I believe in doing something closer to what agencies do, which is charging services fees and utilizing itemized billing. If you charge an hourly fee, your work relies on inefficiency on some level.








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32 thoughts on “Business Tips: Web Design: How Much to Charge for Website Design

  1. Hey Roberto – I know this video is a couple years old, but I just wanna say thanks! Because as a new freelance web designer I had no clue how to charge. I have an idea how much to charge, but I think breaking it down by pages/packages is the way to go. Just subscribed to your channel & will be checking out your other vids. You're very personable, articulate & easy to understand – all things I look for in a "How To" vid – THANK YOU!

  2. 1. Hourly rate charges – impractical
    2. Flate rate – common but not efficient
    3. Value rate – For rich clients only

    Honestly, the problem doesn't lies on the way we charges but more on how do we do the deal. The main problem is that designer can not put the end product target and client can not be satisfy enough. Thus making the project to be long and hostile experience for both party.

  3. Hi, I need some help on how much to charge for ecomnerce maintenance fees, how much should i charge i the client wants me to add products for him

  4. Itemized billing plus an extra charge for labor seems the best way to go. Itemizing things gives clients an understanding of where their money went and the labor charge can simply act as a buffer for things like projects taking way longer than expected or as a way to spread out the cost on a way clients can agree with.

  5. You always have answers to my most concerned questions to be more efficient in my web/graphic creation business! I always felt skeptical about the idea to charge hourly for everything. It takes time but is important to set the price from breaking down itemized tasks and estimate time for each. I'm very looking forward to learning more from you!

  6. …well said …BUT, after years of the same rationale, I have 'engineered' the perfect 'no doubt' answer for any webmaster. GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR …I literally, 'xml' several templates with their 'data' before I approach. When I 'show them' a 'full service' profile and give 'em my card, I'm Done with the 'elevator pitch' and wait for them to call with 'adjustments' …Remember, the first to mention money …loses it …I create loyalty from the start. Once I set them up (automation), they send me more 'conditioned' leads (warm) and I 'kick back' a steady percentage (affiliate) to them. (full circle) …as my 'clients' learn about the process, they 'condition' my network of businesses for the 'real deal' a local 'treasure hunt' that targets a daily 'pot of value' for SEO …compounded locally. Remember 'full service' must be delivered and promoted properly. If money is the target, you lose.

  7. I charge a project rate that always starts as a basic website and a predetermined set of tasks. I charge additional fees for more than basic functionalities, I also have labor fees when it comes to doing data entry for websites that have a lot of product.

  8. Spot on! Too many people are doing the hourly form and I totally agree that value-based payment is the most fair and aligned form of payment. Thank you Roberto for another great video! It is obvious you are very bright! One small critique though which will help you. Say "ask" instead of "ax". It sounds far less educated when you say "ax". Saying "ask" (pronounced like "ass-k" – sorry for using the word "ass" but it was the best way to phonetically sound it out correctly) will show you have given some thought to your enunciation. Words matter. 😉 You are obviously very intelligent, creative and driven. Good luck in your ventures! And thanks again!

  9. I'm sure you have, I'm looking through your past videos. But have you previously discussed how to find clients for design and video work? It takes too long relying on networking and spreading the word.

  10. I like hourly + itemized services and tasks. Many designers undervalue our profession by asking for so little, not to mention reject the opportunity to make more money.

  11. I believe what you have suggested is in line with what I am looking to do. I am looking at my personal fee plus; fees for packages (which would show a breakdown); plus the costs of add-ons; plus any costs incurred. Thoughts?

  12. I have watched oodles of your videos and benefit greatly from them. I like the practical steps that you give us. It's not all theory. Thanks for information!

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