Business Tips: SEO Basics: A 2019 Guide to SEO

Business Tip: SEO Basics: A 2019 Guide to SEO

If you don’t have optimized SEO (search engine optimization) on your business’ website, you’re not doing everything you can to drive new customers to find you. Kyle walks through the basics of starting to look at your SEO to see where you stand, and how to take steps to make it better.

If you’re not sure where to start or not sure where your SEO is, this video will walk you through doing a basic audit of your website to see your SEO rankings. 5 Fold Agency offers an SEO audit where we give you a report on your SEO and your traffic, and point out where we would make improvements.

My video on optimizing your website for 2019:

My video on using existing content to create more content:

My video on working with a web design agency to make sure your website is done right:

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