Business Tips: My Secret SEO Tips You Need To Know [That Work TODAY!]

Business Tip: My Secret SEO Tips You Need To Know [That Work TODAY!]

In this video I cover some SEO tips and tricks that will make your business money without having to pay for clicks on social sites like facebook, instagram or any of those websites.

In the video I show an example of a ranking our agency is seeing for the keyword “website design ct”. We achieved number 1 rankings by focusing on the user, aqquiring a backlink, and optimizing for conversion rate optimization.

Enjoy the video and “comment” down below what you have learned for a chance to win a free copy of my SEO training “the underground secrets”

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20 thoughts on “Business Tips: My Secret SEO Tips You Need To Know [That Work TODAY!]

  1. Hey Ruan, this really blew my mind. I loved how you generated that lead for that Vehicle Wrap Company. Can someone build a (one site) site and focus on generating leads locally but for all types of businesses?

  2. very very good information, Definitely, I follow your steps for better results.
    Here I want to share some information about Check SEO Tool
    With an ambitious goal to design a product that would help you to get a free weekly update and help the website track the status and plan according to the competition. Use Check SEO tool and maintain key factors such as content to boost your website ranking.

  3. I'm just a broke college student trying to pay for my loans, I'm very interested in Facebook marketing and would love to be the person you select, I will work my ass off and bring great results! God bless and have a nice day brother!

  4. What I learned is to effectively target the intent of the searcher to grow your CTR and optimize the website in a way to encourage them to take action which can be done using a CTA button. This can further be enhanced by creating powerful local partnerships and creating local pages to boost the given page and help it grow in the SERPs. As for backlinks they do matter and as always get them from niche specific locations. Thanks for doing this, this was a nice and really informative video. Hope I win the free course also will be looking forward to some more awesome videos.

  5. As always your video is packed with info. I would love access to your course. I am trying to set up a small SEO business to help me cover me medical expenses. I have both Stage IV prostate cancer and Stage IV melanoma cancer. Sadly both are incurable and terminal but both have good life extension treatments. There is the promise of major improvements in treatments over the next couple of years if I make it that long.

    The problem is the costs which total in the tens of thousand of dollars a month. While insurance covers much of the cost, I am left with little for much beyond substance. Any help you can provide for me to get an SEO business going to supplement my income would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks … Steve

  6. Hi Ruan!
    I am a 15 year old from India and I absolutely love your content! I am actually looking forward to starting an SEO agency and I am trying to earn $2000 by freelancing on the side ( $997 for your course and the rest $1000 for ahrefs and other tools). If you gift me the course then I can start my agency faster. I can't compete with the offer of a lifetime supply of apple pie but I can give you a lifetime supply of my undying gratitude.

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