Business Tips: MobileChecklist #1 Website Design & Marketing – Using Analytics -A

Business Tip: MobileChecklist #1 Website Design & Marketing – Using Analytics -A

How to build a better mobile website using Google Analytics to optimize the performance user experience and improve mobile marketing. The webinar is a first in a series that provides in depth analysis and tutories on the issues described in the AXSES mobile Checklist Report.

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Webinars deal with issues relating to mobile marketing, mobile website design, mobile search engine optimization, mobile-apps, mobile-website and Responsive Website Design.

In this webinar Kathy Lynn Ward answer the question: How do I build a better user experience and optimize my Mobile website using Google Analyltics? She also reviews case studies on the trends in users access websites using a mobile devices, iphones, smartphones, tablets, ipads and even TVs, versus a full screen browser.

The examination is based on using a Responsive Web Design Strategy for development and marketing.

The pros and cons of the RWD approach are also reviewed in thais and following webinars.

The MobileChecklist Webinar #1 addresses the following 3 questions:

1. How can Google Analytics help me optimize my mobile web design and applications?

2. What is the difference in performance between my mobile app and my regular browsing experience and what does it mean?

3. What pre-requisite knowledge do I need to use Google analytics. In this replay Kathy shows you all you need to know to use GA to test, validate and improve your design, content and layout.

Replaces the original hangout – We edited the hangout to remover bad sound and errors in the live video. This hangout is an in depth look at how to use Google analytic to evaluate the effectiveness of your Mobile website design and Marketing strategy.

All Consumers today, travelers and shoppers of all types, are more demanding then ever, and if you do not provide them with an effective and valuable experience , they will not stay on your site. GA allows you to see how your mobile site measures up to your desktop browser experience. Seeing differences in Bounce Rate, for example is one of the key ways to determine its effectiveness,


The MobileChecklist and its Webinars are a free service of AXSES new media marketing. This first in the series is also going to be broken down into its may parts so that users can get direct to what they need to know.

There will be an Introduction which covers the Why the checklist and what it contains. – a quick review of travel stats | analytics -case study looking at mobile trending on a major destination site and others | Analyzing User Behavior | Optimizing Call 2 Action | Setup up Events, events tracking | deploying mobile Ads, Banners, Advertising and Rich Content.

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