Business Tips: How to structure your website for SEO with Internal Linking

Business Tip: How to structure your website for SEO with Internal Linking

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21 thoughts on “Business Tips: How to structure your website for SEO with Internal Linking

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  2. Hey Nicholas, first of all, great video and strategy. I wanted to ask you two questions:

    1. Do external links pass out PR in the same way internal links do?
    2. What about the PR passed through the Footer? I know Google doesn't give them too much importance.

  3. Your link re-routes to scam pages like take a short 4 question survey hosted by your ISP (supposedly) and win an iPad just pay shipping and handling and stay at home dad earns thousands of dollars surfing facebook part time then have some JavaScript hijack the browser until you click to leave the page… bad form. You have lost all credibility with me sir

  4. Isn't PageRank sculpting, which is what this is about when you're talking about nofollow links to your nav bar links, isn't that a deprecated concept? Per Matt Cutts PageRank sculpting is dead, nofollow links internally on a site are bad news.

  5. Traffic is one of the most essential departments people in the business should take care of. It is sometimes referred to as the fuel of the game. That is just how important it is. You will not get much traffic if you will keep things at a really slow-pace. This video is good because it showed us several choices on how to get it done.

  6. Yeah, there's really value in keeping the category pages in experiment A, other than to generate a little PR for the website. I kept them in there for simplicity's sake. Glad to know you are on top of the video, hope you enjoyed it!

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