Business Tips: How to Rank for a Keyword in Google (Even the Tough Ones!)

Business Tip: How to Rank for a Keyword in Google (Even the Tough Ones!)

Ranking for profitable keywords will help your business grow. But how can it be done? In this video I’ll show you my exact method of how to rank for a keyword in Google — step by step.

I’ll show you how to calculate how many backlinks you’ll need, and the secret element you’ll need to closely control in order to make each one count while staying safely out of penalization from Google.

I’ll also give you a schedule to follow in order to stay on track and in the safe zone as you’re trying to rank for those keywords.

Here’s the tool used in the video:

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17 thoughts on “Business Tips: How to Rank for a Keyword in Google (Even the Tough Ones!)

  1. Great! I love your contents. May I ask, do you have any content explaining more about backlinks? I'm new in the SEO world, still very confused about backlinks. The online directories bit of backlinks, that I understand but the other bit, I'm not sure. I want to do it myself so that I can learn along the way rather than paying someone to help me. Thanks

  2. Hi great video, quick question, im new to blogging and noticed that I'm getting ranked for the wrong keywords, my articles are only few months old, would I get ranked for more keywords later in time or am I just stuck with what I'm ranked for now.

  3. Great video as usual, only one note. Wish you told me you had a custom/partner link so I could've used that and help the channel too. I googled it and signed up before you mentioned that sorry! hehe

  4. I think, going forward from 2019, we are going to see penalties for low quality promotional strategies, this is signaled by Google constantly. The idea of your web site, and overall online identity behaving like a 'Media Company' is going to be producing the strongest results, producing informative articles and videos, being active on social media as an authority, not just proclaiming yourself as being 'the best' but actually performing, this is why running a 'Blog' is so powerful, it is not just about lame mass produced articles but actually good quality media. This produces the strongest backlinks, because other sites will want to showcase your content. Artificial back-links will be penalized more and more.

  5. My second subscription after years. I just don't like subbing but you actually help me a lot. I followed your Local google map guide and 2 days later it actually showed great results. And now im here subbing. Thanks! i just updated my entire website after watching few of your videos, let's see how it will help my new business 🙂

  6. Could you post the link to how you build those high quality links, please?
    Btw, you’re a boss. Bro..

    ..I’ve only been watching you for a few days now and would pay for a sub like this. The information you give freely is so valuable. My favorite part, is that you don’t waste my time. You get right into it and don’t kiss a beat/step. I just want to thank you.
    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

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